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Welcome to Pokémon Saturn.

This site is dedicated to Pokémon information, fun, and news.

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Pokémon News:
First of all my name is Christian. Pokémon Gold and Silver is coming out September 2000! I will try to update this daily but I have school work and everything but I'll try to get around those things. I'll try to work on a Pokémon Gold and Silver walkthrough but first I have to finish the rest of this site.

I hope you like this site cause I've been workin hard. Anyway lets get more Pokémon stuff and not too much about me (this is my first website by the way). Pokémon rocks.

Togipi in the gold cards if you look in the back you will see it's data but on Togipi it says Pokémon information on Togipi unknown at this time!! So togipi isn't worth it if your only looking for data.

Pokémon Neo Cards came out in Japan on December 10 1999. A release date for America is scheduled for Febuary 2000. I already got Hinoarasi shipped from Hawaii that I bought from an ebay auction.

I recently got Pokémon silver shipped from Hawaii. I'm not doing so good in my Pokémon silver version so I'll put the walkthrough on from my rom of Pokémon gold.

I think this is fake but I heard from some guy that Pokémon Bronze IS coming out sometime next year or something. I hope I can make an episodes page too. I got 1 hit so far I was entered in the top 120 sites my rating is 12 out of 120!

The Top 120 Sites is cool you should go there.To get there go to my site and then click on the dancing pikachu's.

I know what all of the gold and silver pokemon are and their numbers. Pokemon is just geting more and more popular by the minute. I will list the 101 new Pokémon when I have time.

If you like my site, please vote for me in the Top 120 Pokemon Sites which is a cool list of sites related to Pokémon.

If you have a site email me @ I cool friends like Squid Tough and Violen.